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MICROPHONE TECHNIQUE. When singing, hold the microphone VERY CLOSE to your mouth (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch). Simply watch any of the popular singing programs such as The Voice, or most famous contemporary singers. In spite of their strong voices, they practically eat the microphone. There is a reason for that. When the mic is close, you will get the full sound of your voice. And you also have the advantage of having a sound person working with you on the mixing board.

FOR FELLOW KARAOKE JOCKS Remain at your post while the singers are singing. I have seen so many KJ’s leave their post frequently during a show to smoke, make a phone call, etc, leaving the singer hanging. Then the KJ rushes up at the end of the song.  Not acceptable, and not fair to the singers.

USE OF PERSONAL KARAOKE DISCS. While we do still accept discs, we strongly prefer to access your karaoke song from our computer database. 90% of our singers do not use personal discs, and we would like to have that percentage higher. If you don't already know, find out the manufacturer of the songs that are on your disc. Not the artist (although that info is necessary too), but the manufacturer. For example...Chartbuster, Pocket Songs, Partytime, Legends, etc. With this info, I can access your song from my computer database. And if the song is key fixed on your disc, let me know that as well. The reason behind our preference NOT to use discs is because discs are prone to skip. They also can be made on a variety of computer programs which can affect the sound quality. Also, it is quicker for us to pull up the song on the computer and play it rather than waiting for the song to cue up on the player.

REPEATING SONGS. If a singer has sung a song (i.e., After the Lovin), please don't expect to sing that song again during that same evening. It can be viewed as disrespectful to the singer who has already sung that song. Believe it or not, we have actually heard an individual state "Well I sing the song better". Bottom line, I won't consciously allow it in our show, so please don't try.  There are some rare situations where, if a person who has sung a song leaves early, I will allow another person to repeat a song later at that given evening.  But I would rather not have a song sung twice in a night.

SUPPORT OF THE KARAOKE VENUE. The venues where we play keep their doors open from the revenue they generate in food and beverage sales. We encourage those who frequent these venues to, whenever possible, take advantage of the food offered during their dinner times. We also appreciate those who support the venues by ordering beverages (alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic). If water is your drink of choice, please purchase a bottle of water from the bar. Your support of these venues help keep their doors open, which in turn, continues to provide the music and good times that we enjoy. Of course, if drinking alcohol, please drink responsibly.

TOO MANY SLOW SONGS.  PLEASE be mindful of too many slow songs in a row on a karaoke night. At a recent show, we had a stretch of 14 out of 16 songs that were slow. To coin a great saying from one of my fellow karaoke hosts, The Energy Is In the Music. If you think you don't know a medium or uptempo song, please learn some.  For medium & uptempo song ideas, click on the song ideas tabs on the homepage of this website.

PLEASE SIGN UP AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE AT THE VENUE   If we happen not to be there yet, start a sign up list on a piece of paper (or napkin if that's all that is available). If you happen to see someone else at the venue who was there before you, please be courteous and remind them to sign up, or put their name down if you know them. Even if you do not know what you want to sing, get your name on the list. We have had a number of occasions over the years where someone has stated to us "I was here at 5pm and he is singing ahead of me". Mistakes do happen, but a lot of these scenarios can be cleared up by simply signing your name on the karaoke sign-up list. T

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