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If you don’t have a mirror ball over your dance floor, install one!

Try to have music playing in your venue from some source all day long.  It establishes atmosphere.  Try to play a middle of the road music mix station that will appeal to the most number of patrons

Keep lighting relatively low.  No bright lights.

Double & triple your efforts to make your kitchen top notch.
The kitchen is no place for drama or poor quality food.   Food and atmosphere bring people in.  And keep your menu consistent

Your biggest losses often come from behind the bar.  Overpouring and free drinks cost thousands per year.  Don’t let a free-for-all environment take over behind the bar

Keep napkin dispensers on your tables, and make sure the napkins are not the really cheap ones that fall apart.  If your napkins are inferior, customers will actually use more napkins

ADVERTISE YOUR EVENTS!  How are patrons going to know about what’s happening without notice of events.  Make sure the signs are done by someone who can make a good sign that is readable and to the point.  

Make sure the exterior of your property is clean and organized.

If you don’t maintain a website, get one and assign someone to keep it updated.  If possible, send out weekly emails or other methods of notification on a weekly basis


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