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Tips On How To Run a Karaoke Show

1.  SOUND SYSTEM  The quality of your sound system is so important.  You need a clean, crisp sounding system that can handle strong singers.   I know many have their preferences. Click Here to see what we use and recommend

2.  YOUR SETUP.  Always have an audio monitor for your singer.  I would recommend a monitor that is the same as your main speakers.  For example, if you are using Peavey SP5’s as your two mains, use a third SP5 as the audio monitor for your monitor.  Place it angled up toward your singer so they can hear exactly what the audience is hearing.  Try to place it facing yourself as well so you can hear what’s going out to the audience.  I have heard so many singers over the years complain about not being able to hear themselves, and I too have encountered this while singing on other systems.  This should never have to be the case.  Allowing your singers to be able to hear themselves is such a priority.  As a side note, I realize that many are using the Bose towers.   If they are properly utilized, they can sound good for the audience, but they are notorious for failing to give the singer a good sound from the singer’s perspective.   Keep this in mind if using Bose, and try to make sure that the singer is hearing what the audience is hearing.

3.  TV SETUP   Try to use at least a 20” LED TV for your singers.  When possible, hook up to a second TV for your audience to read and sing along.  Avoid setting up the singer TV on the dance floor.  Keep that area free for dancers.

4.  FILLER MUSIC  Use filler music between singers.  Dead air between singers is not acceptable.  It kills the momentum of a show, and makes it very dull.  In radio, we used to call it DEAD AIR.  

5.  DON’T CUT SONGS OFF  I have been to karaoke shows where the singer finishes singing his/her song, and the host abruptly cut the song off just after or nearly after the singer just got the last words out of his/her mouth.  DON’T DO THIS!  It is disrespectful to the singer and to the song they just sang.   As the singer finishes, do your normal “Put your hands together for Bobby” but let the song ending continue as your bring the next singer up or fade a filler tune into it

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