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Karaoke Etiquette
1.  Please let the karaoke host know you would like to sing as soon as you arrive at the venue so you can get on the singer’s list.
2.  Turn in your song request at least 2 singers prior to your turn
3.  While we do accommodate singers who have discs, we would prefer to access the songs off of the computer database.  If you know that manufacturer of the song on your disc that you wish to sing, please let the karaoke host know (i.e., Sound Choice, Chartbuster, Legends, etc)
4.  Please respect the person who is singing.  Applaud when they are finished with their song
5.  Please show at least some attentiveness to the singer while they are singing, especially if you are in close proximity to the stage
6. Treat the karaoke equipment with care.  If using a wired mic, please don’t swing the mic.   Please don’t scream into the mic
7. Please don’t bring your beverage onto the stage while you are singing
8.  Don’t behave rudely to any singer.  Karaoke singers have various levels of vocal skills.  Remember that karaoke is about having fun.
9.  Don’t invite yourself onstage or start singing with the current karaoke performer unless requested to do so.  And please don’t “overshing” the person on stage while you are at your table.  Singing along is fine, but do so in a respectful manner to the singer and those around you
10.  No offensive or vulgar language on the mic please
11.  Accurate (and legibly) fill out the karaoke song request slip.  Your name, the name of the song, and the Artist (if you know it)
12.  Please be patient when awaiting your turn to sing.  If you are concerned that the karaoke host has missed your name in the lineup, inquire about it respectfully.  We absolutely do not play favorites.  If someone offered me a thousand bucks, I still would not intentionally show favoritism.  Your karaoke host is not infallible, though.  Mistakes and oversights are made.  
13.  Please come to the microphone as soon as you can once your name is called.  Generally, the karaoke host will announce the next singer or two in the lineup so that the following singers know when their turn is.  If possible, please be in the stage area as the singer before you is finsihing his/her song.  
14.  Very Important.  Please support the karaoke venue by purchasing something from the bar and/or kitchen.  If water is your drink of choice, purchase a bottle of water instead of taking advantage of free water.  The establishments at which we host karaoke cannot keep their doors open unless patrons make purchases.  Please don’t sneak your own beverages in.